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    Back In Black – 5 Ideas For Black Kitchens

    black kitchen design ideas; a modern black kitchen design

    Most kitchen designs tend to follow the theme of bright colours, to make the room appear more spacious.

    While people have started moving towards newer designs, some bold ideas have also started becoming popular, with modern black kitchens being a prominent one.

    Shying away from a fierce and intense design idea is something that many people do. However, if you’re looking for a design that goes with almost every type of home, a black kitchen might be something you may want to consider.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make every single element black. Your kitchen can subtly nod to this look instead, with small incorporations through the smart addition of unique kitchen features.

    As experts in kitchen designs, the team at Saturn Interiors have put together a list of black kitchen design ideas that you can consider for your own home.

    Let’s take a look!

    1. An All-Black Kitchen

    black kitchen design ideas; a black wall, countertop and sink

    From black cabinets and countertops to black walls and accessories, if you want your kitchen to have a mysterious yet modern vibe to it, consider an all-black kitchen design. 

    The key here is to keep the kitchen minimalistic. Since black can be powerful and dominating, adding multiple elements can create a chaotic space that will not be cohesive.

    Keep the design simple, and modern by incorporating the right amount of features and accessories to make your kitchen a statement one.

    2. Opt For The Same Floor And Wall Tiling

    geometrical floor tiling

    If all-black feels a little heavy, bring a refreshing element break with a monochromatic design. Consider installing graphic floor and wall tiling. 

    Go for an abstract or geometrical, white or light coloured tile design for your floor and walls to make them statement pieces in your black kitchen. With these, you could also incorporate furniture that follows a similar theme, to make your kitchen design look more cohesive.

    In doing this, your black kitchen design won’t feel too monotonous and you can add creativity and originality to the design with your unique tiling options.

    3. Add Textural Variation

    a sleek and modern kitchen design

    Another great idea to consider in a black kitchen, is to add textural variation. This means incorporating different elements, like brick walls, statement lights, and other accessories that can enhance and uplift your black kitchen’s aesthetics.

    While this may seem tricky, as multiple overpowering elements can feel like there’s too much going on in terms of design, using the right features (perhaps something as simple as wooden floors) can bring a nice change to your overall kitchen design.

    4. Make Your Cabinets Black

    matte black kitchen cabinets

    For something modern yet subtle, black cabinets are another idea to consider. Keep your cabinets and electronics black to maintain the aesthetic, whilst opting for other elements in a lighter colour.

    Pair the black cabinets with black walls for a more sophisticated look and install under-cabinet LED lights to make them statement pieces. Moreover, you can keep the cabinets matte or glossy, depending on what you would prefer and how you wish to style them.

    5. Go For A Classic Look

    a stylish black and grey marble countertop

    For many people across the world, black has become an elegant and modern colour choice due to its versatility. Pairing the colour on your walls with luxurious white marble countertops can create a timeless, classic look for your kitchen.

    While most black kitchen design ideas focus more on industrial or modern looks to promote a minimalist aesthetic, you don’t need to limit yourself to these. Since using black on its own can appear very one-dimensional, make sure to choose the right features that complement the colour, whilst also refreshing the overall look.

    From copper fixtures and pendant lights to stainless steel appliances and perhaps even a herb rack, there are many elements to consider for your kitchen.

    Call Saturn Interiors For The Best Black Kitchen Design Ideas

    With these creative, black kitchen design ideas in the UK, you can create a  unique kitchen for your home that is bound to impress everyone. If you’re looking for the right kitchen installation company in Northampton, Saturn Interiors is the perfect place for you!

    With years of experience in putting together some of the most unique interior designs, we can help you turn your dreams into reality. We work hard to deliver your vision with the right execution. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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