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3 Steps To Ace a Kitchen Garden in Small Apartments in 2022

kitchen gardening; vintage kitchen with plants.

Fresh farming is a concept loved by all nowadays, so having a kitchen garden should be your number one priority. They’re the new kitchen trends, something that makes your kitchen look more modern, minimalist, and stylish

When it comes to grandeur kitchen gardens, they’re generally set up in the front or back yard. However, a smaller apartment might not have the luxury of grand kitchen gardening. 

The kitchen experts from Saturn Interiors have therefore curated this blog, to assist you with simple steps to set up your kitchen garden in a small apartment. We have the expertise when it comes to all things kitchen, so read along to establish your kitchen garden! 

Steps to Build Your Dream Kitchen Garden 

1. Accessing the Lighting

Sunlight is the best plant food, the most important ingredient for growing edible plants. Every plant has a mini-factory set-up that converts solar energy into nutrition in its leaves and fruits, eventually for us. To get the lighting right, study the sunlight in your house. 

You need to observe which room or wall gets the maximum sunlight and how it moves as and when time passes during the day.

Contrary to the popular belief, your kitchen garden needn’t necessarily be in the kitchen. You can do kitchen gardening out on the small balcony,  a window grill, or even your living room.

If you notice that certain house walls get the most of the sunlight, consider creating a vertical herb garden. It looks trendy, stylish yet functional – we say it’s a win-win!

2. Choosing the Planters 

kitchen gardening; plants in a square wooden box.

The best thing about kitchen gardening is not just the plants, it’s also about the instant escalation that the green brings to the overall look of your modern kitchens. 

Now for the planters, you can grow edible plants in almost any container. If you wish to choose sustainability, you can use old bottles and tetra packs as planting pots. 

In case you want to have a herb garden right above your kitchen sink, you might want to consider getting a customised metal frame to create your dream garden.

Additionally, if you have an extended balcony to your kitchen, you can try square foot gardening in square wooden boxes.

There are limitless possibilities and ideas to go about with your planters, and you should let them flow to create something unique, and interesting.

3. Getting Right Soils, Seeds and Saplings 

A person cutting fresh herbs on a chopping board.

After you’ve decided what kind of herbs and plants you want to grow, now is the time to find the right soil. You might want to consider purchasing a ready-made potting mix.

However, if you’re still unsure about this, the best way to source good soil is to ask for guidance from a gardening enthusiast you know in your neighbourhood.

While you’re at it, you should also consider sourcing the best seeds and saplings from the same neighbourhood gardening enthusiasts. If you face trouble spotting them, make good use of social media and ask for help.

Make sure you don’t overwater your plants, and now is the time to get ready to see them grow. They start sprouting and become tiny plants one fine day and before you know it, you will have their fresh herbs for all your culinary pursuits.

Contact Saturn Interiors for Expert Kitchen Solutions 

Remodelling a kitchen is no child’s play; to top that, if you have limited space, you might want to contact the experts. 

Saturn Interiors has an experienced team, and we’re called the kitchen experts for a reason! Our bespoke kitchen designs can help you change the overall look of your kitchen in no time; when paired with our insights that can keep you all caught up with the trends, you’ll be satisfied! 

Aimed at delivering the best quality and services, we ensure that our customers’ needs are a priority, and help them make their dream kitchen come to life! To book your appointment, visit our website today!

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