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    How to Create a Classic Shaker Kitchen that Will Stay Stylish Forever

    How to create a shaker kitchen that lasts forever in Northampton

    In our previous blogs, we walked you through the origins, foundations and benefits of modern shaker kitchens. However, in this guide, we’ll be focusing on how to create a shaker kitchen design that stays stylish forever.

    With the useful tips and tricks put together by our team of experts, you can build a shaker kitchen with a beautiful, timeless design whilst balancing out your desire for practicality and usefulness. What’s more, this kitchen design is all about standing the test of time, meaning it’s worth the investment.

    Let’s take a look at the key elements you need to design a classic shaker kitchen of your dreams!

    1. Add a Kitchen Island


    When it comes to designing a shaker kitchen, you should start with incorporating an island.

    Not only is it the most popular feature in this kitchen, but also provides you the flexibility of tailoring an island that’s truly bespoke to your space. This further helps you add that functional twist to your kitchen.

    Moreover, the island in your shaker kitchen serves as a place for you to cook and socialise with friends, whilst also offering ample storage space. This enables you to add solutions like integrated bin cupboards, drawer inserts and run-end storage.

    These kitchen islands are also a smart way to conceal your appliances, creating a sleek and clean space.

    For more kitchen island design ideas, give this blog a read!

    2. Swap Your Door Handles With Knobs

    No matter how many guides you read on how to create a shaker kitchen, the one common tip you’re likely to come across is featuring a cup handle or knob in your design.

    As part of a long-established tradition, these options have always been understated and made of wood so that they’re in line with the principles of shaker kitchen designs. Moreover, designers avoided the use of metal as it was considered too fancy.

    However, people have started including simplified versions of metal in their shaker design while ensuring they aren’t straying too far from conventional principles.

    If you too would like to join the bandwagon, then we’d suggest you go for oval or round knobs made of stainless steel, chrome or other metallic finish for your cabinets. You could also choose to add bar pulls to match the straight lines of your modern shaker kitchen.

    Or better yet, go for a mix of pulls and knobs for that perfect blend of modernity and tradition – the choice is yours!

    3. Incorporate Integrated Kitchenware

    A classic shaker kitchen usually features advanced storage options to help you create a more streamlined look. So instead of ruining the aesthetics, why not make the most of these storage options and integrate your kitchenware into the design?

    Every appliance from your freezer and refrigerator to washing machine and oven can be easily embedded within your units. For instance, you can slot your ovens in the kitchen units while concealing the dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator behind your cabinet doors. This will not only increase the overall space but also help you create a clean finish!

    Book an appointment with our professional kitchen designers and discuss your shaker kitchen ideas today!

    4. Embrace Natural Elements

    Natural elements have always been favoured in shaker kitchens, meaning you must incorporate these features into your design.

    The best way to go about it would be to add handcrafted wooden cabinets, made from fruit trees, that are both unadorned and unpainted. You could also include materials that are used to build a home, such as stonework or beams. This helps bring in character and warmth to the space, which could otherwise feel clinical and cold.

    However, ensure that you’re keeping the natural elements to a bare minimum to prevent your shaker kitchen from looking homogenised.

    Saturn Interiors – We Can Help You Design the Modern Shaker Kitchen of Your Dreams!

    At Saturn Interiors, having worked in the industry for more than 35 years, we have gained the required experience in creating shaker kitchen designs that are truly bespoke to you.

    With us as your designing experts, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands and that you’ll be delivered the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of!

    For more information on how to create a shaker kitchen, contact our team today. Alternatively, to discuss your project and kitchen design requirements, book an appointment with us!

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