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    4 Modern-Day Kitchen Additions for the Chef-In-Making

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    Cooking is truly an art form. It requires a specific skill set to make perfect tasting dishes, the cultivation of which is therapeutic for some people. However, to really build up skills, you’ll require a kitchen design that can accommodate all the gadgets involved in the cooking process.

    If you are a chef in making, there are certain elements and additions that you absolutely need to help you in the kitchen.

    Well, being the kitchen experts that we are, Saturn Interiors has created a list of the best kitchen gadgets for a modern kitchen design. We truly believe that having these devices in your kitchen will help you create a design that is stylish yet functional, while assisting you with all your cooking pursuits.

    Let’s dive right in! 

    1. An Air Fryer 

    An air fryer is one of the best kitchen additions you can get. It is ideal for preparing health-conscious dinners as it cooks, grills and sears without using any oil, creating some of the lightest and most healthy dishes.

    You can use an air fryer to curate low-fat versions of your favourite fried foods, such as chips or burgers, or even use it to make desserts like tarts, pies and crumbles. It can easily replace your deep fryer and help you impress your guests.

    2. A Dough Mixer 

    A stand mixer comes with a steel dough hook, a beater and a balloon whisk, making this one of the best kitchen gadgets for baking bread, cakes or any kind of desserts you fancy. Featuring electric support, this appliance can cut your kneading and mixing efforts in almost half, so is an exceptional choice for time-strapped bakers-in-training.

    Equally, it is a perfect addition to your modern kitchen aesthetic; with the variety of colours available on the market, you’ll easily find one to suit your personality.

    3. A Pizza Oven 

    Whether it is frozen, shop-bought or homemade, with an indoor pizza oven you are sure to have delicious pizzas every time. 

    A fan favourite, the indoor pizza oven is one of those products that you’ll definitely want in your kitchens. This gadget quickly cooks delicious crispy woodfired style pizza within a few minutes.

    There are several options available on the market for this appliance, all of them, more or less, offering brick oven performance at a fraction of the cost.

    4. A Rice Pot 

    There is an increasing trend of Asian food all over the world and that has brought us to add rice pot to the list of best kitchen gadgets. With this kitchen addition, you can now make the perfect fluffy rice with a dedicated rice cocotte. 

    Out of the many options that are available, we suggest you choose the one made from cast iron. The even heat distribution of this material helps to prevent the rice from burning or sticking.

    In addition to giving you perfectly steamed rice, a cast iron rice pot can also be used for baking bread in the oven as it is usually oven-friendly.

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    We believe that adding appliances not only improves functionality but also offers a finishing touch that a modern kitchen design needs. A simple addition like a fully automatic coffee maker can instantly elevate the design of your kitchen while fulfilling all your caffeine dreams.To book your appointments and understand more about modern kitchen designs, get in touch with our experts today!

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