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5 Ways To Incorporate Striking Designs In Your Kitchen

unconventional kitchen designs; a delightful kitchen interiors

Quirky is the new cool! With the world opting for all kinds of opulent and high-end kitchen designs, it’s time to try something fresh. 

Unconventional kitchen designs not only add a charm to your home’s interior, but also make a statement about who you are as a person. However, not all of us are geometry geniuses, feng-shui aficionados, or interior designers, and occasionally we need some help uncovering our personalities. 

Therefore, we have put together a brilliant article for you with some of our most unique kitchen designs to help you create your personalised kitchen interior.

Come on now! Let us dive into the world of quirky.

Super Asymmetry 

You might have heard of symmetrical interior design, but have you heard of asymmetry?

Asymmetry is a unique interior choice, utilising a mismatch of shapes and sizes, attempting to break up the order and predictability of traditional symmetrical designs. A brilliant mixture of circles, parallelograms, hexagons, or even octagons – whatever you fancy, it’s all up to your imagination.

A design like this will not only intrigue your guests but also give a fun and exciting aura to your home. However, we advise you to steer clear of this design if you have problems with symmetry OCD

A Magnificent Black Interior With a Tapered Breakfast Bar

Black is the colour of splendour. A shining black countertop complemented with a tapered breakfast bar is the perfect mix of opulence and uniqueness.

Breakfast bars are, well, not just for breakfasts. With one of our most unconventional kitchen designs, this tapered kitchen island is the perfect spot for drinks with friends. 

With a sleek finish, this perfect reflection of sculpture-like grandeur will enhance the sophistication of your evening.

Everything Wood With An Iceberg Kitchen Island

Here’s a cool idea, what if we made an iceberg float in the middle of some wood? Well, as weird as that might sound, it looks way cooler than you can imagine (pun intended!).

Of course, we’re not going to use real ice. Instead, a perfectly sculpted piece of white quartz with some soothing oak wood cabinetry will do the trick.

This striking contrast between colour and texture is simply one of the best kitchen design ideas created for those who love fusing traditional and modern aesthetics. 

Playing with Colours

We’re sure you must’ve witnessed plenty of kitchen designs in conventional colours like white, black and brown. 

An ingenious way to stand out with your interior is by playing around with bold attractive yet unconventional colours. Turquoise blue, matte pink, emerald green…the list is endless. 

With one of the most perfectly symmetrical yet unconventional kitchen designs, you can certainly add an exciting charm to your home interior. 

Pastel Minimalism

A quirky interior design that has gained popularity recently is minimalism. The philosophy of minimalism aims at avoiding the unnecessary. 

Therefore, when combined with pastel colours, a minimalistic kitchen design will elevate the sophistication of your house, while creating a relaxed ambience you’ll never tire of returning home to.

Selecting colours like pastel blue, green and pink with minimalistic interior designs shall subtly turn your kitchen interior into a riveting mirage of spontaneous excellence. 

Choose Saturn Interiors For The Best Unconventional Kitchen Designs

With these fun, exciting and unique kitchen designs, you can easily enhance the splendour of your kitchen and impress your friends with your creativity. 

If you still think you need a bit more help figuring out which design you love the most, we’d recommend you call in the experts of interior design

 We’re here at your service. With years of experience putting together some of the most unique interior designs, we can help you turn your dreams into reality.

With our high-tech equipment and astonishing finish, our experts can efficiently curate whatever you need in a matter of days. 

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