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    Integrated Kitchen Spaces – 4 Ways To Maximise Space In Your Home

    integrated kitchen spaces; a white and brown open plan kitchen

    As one of the main focal points in the home, your kitchen is where every member of the family comes together. 

    Over the years, kitchen design has moved far beyond the traditional layout with more versatility and flexibility in designs; giving rise to what we now know as integrated kitchen spaces.

    This area does not necessarily have to be a separate part of your home. With design layouts such as the open plan kitchen, there are many unique ideas to explore and incorporate this space into the rest of your home. 

    With the bonus of maximising the available space, a kitchen can be integrated into your living room, dining area or become part of a hybrid of all three.

    As Northampton’s kitchen experts, the Saturn Interiors team have put together our list of different ideas surrounding integrated kitchen spaces to consider.

    Let’s get started!

    1. Open Up The Partition

    A separate wall between the kitchen usually keeps the living room and kitchen as independent spaces. However, if you’re looking to design a more integrated space, you should consider opening up this partition by taking down the wall.

    Many modern homes follow a more cohesive design and utilise an open kitchen layout so that the entire space is unified with separate areas for different purposes.

    This is a great idea as it adds to the space, frees up your kitchen and allows for more natural light in the kitchen. While this may also mean you’ll need to ensure your kitchen is well-maintained and organised to keep it clutter-free, it is a gorgeous and super fashionable aesthetic we know you’ll love.

    2. Divide The Space Into Zones

    For open-plan kitchens in integrated kitchen spaces, the layout is key to keeping the design cohesive. This means that you’ll need to divide the space into different zones to avoid designing in chaos.

    Since integrated kitchens are a great idea for both big and small kitchens, make sure you divide the layout into three primary areas – the living space, the kitchen, and the dining area. Keep these three areas well-defined so that the layout stays efficient.

    Dividing the space into zones also gives you the freedom to decorate however you want and decide what area is in which zone. This means you get to be as creative as you want!

    3. Think About Integrated Appliances

    While there’s always been a debate surrounding built-in vs integrated kitchen appliances, both types have their pros and cons. Integrated appliances essentially need to be fitted into your existing design. This means you can get the kind of appliances you want.

    Most people try to match the cabinetry, with options like stainless steel appliances that are versatile and go with most home aesthetics. By integrating appliances in the layout, you can save on space for other elements or simply keep the kitchen free of clutter.

    The main purpose of integrated appliances is to hide your appliances so that your kitchen has a sleek and minimalist look, so it is a great idea to consider for your home.

    4. Design A Smart Seating Area 

    From being used as an area to finish your homework to having a snack or working late at night with your dinner, kitchens with comfortable seating is always a great idea.

    Many modern designs attempt to make spaces in our home versatile, so it only makes sense that your kitchen is the same. As such, incorporating a smart seating arrangement near the kitchen can be a great idea. 

    If your kitchen is particularly small, you might not have enough space for an island so consider having a small round table with foldable chairs.

    If your kitchen has enough space for an island, incorporate seating with high chairs or stools to be able to make the most of this feature. However, consider designing the island with the chair fitting inside to save on space.

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    Integrated kitchen spaces have become a popular feature in many homes and if you’re looking to change your kitchen design, we’re here to help. 

    With years of experience in creating stunning kitchen designs, our team of experts can help you turn your dream kitchen into reality. With us, you rest assured of great value for your money. 

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