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    Making Neutral Kitchens Work: 5 Neutral Kitchen Ideas to Try

    neutral kitchen ideas, cabinets

    When it comes to designing kitchens, we often come to a crossroads because of the number of design options that are available. A lot of kitchens are either brightly coloured or sport cool tones like black, blue and grey.  

    While any colour combination can work, combinations often become repetitive and common. Your kitchen may lose its authenticity and charm. Luckily, there is a way to avoid having a monotonous kitchen—by incorporating neutral colours. 

    Neutral kitchen ideas have been shut down before because most people are afraid that it will make their kitchen look dull. However, you can jazz up your kitchen with neutral colours just as much as you can with bright ones.

    If you are still on the fence about it, we’ve got you. With this guide, Saturn Interiors will give you a fresh perspective on why earthy tones and off-whites belong at the top of your list.

    Let’s take a look!

    5 Neutral Kitchen Ideas to Try


    1. Adding a Touch of Wood

    neutral kitchen ideas, wooden kitchen

    If you take a look at most kitchen designs, metal takes up most of the kitchen space. It gives your kitchen a robotic, cold feel rather than a happy, warm one. If you are looking to make your kitchen a happy space for yourself, you should definitely avoid this.

    A good solution to this problem is to replace your metals with wood. Wooden appliances, cabinets and handles are some of the most phenomenal neutral kitchen ideas that you should try. They automatically freshen up your kitchen and give it a warm, homey feel. 

    2. Glazed Tiles and Shiny Countertops

    neutral kitchen ideas, shiny counterotps

    One of the best neutral kitchen ideas to go with is a glazed look. If you are dealing with a kitchen that is mostly all white, you are likely wondering how to avoid making it look plain. A good way to deal with all white kitchens is to experiment with shine. 

    Use glazed tiles instead of normal ones to make your kitchen stand out more. You could also opt for marble for a decorative yet sophisticated look. With these subtle changes, natural light can easily refract and provide a contrast in your kitchen. While this is a great neutral kitchen idea, make sure your cabinets are not too shiny, this will ensure a nice balance.

    3. Choosing the Right Tiles

    neutral kitchen ideas, designer tiles

    Is your kitchen really a kitchen without the perfect tiles? Well, the answer is no. Choosing the right kind of tiles for your kitchen is an important step of interior design. You need to be careful about the shades, size and style to achieve the perfect look. 

    When it comes to warm and neutral kitchens, metro tiles are your best choice. They are perfectly suitable for any type of kitchen—modern or traditional. You can choose to go with the classic white tiles or pick out an earthy tone. However, one tip to keep in mind is to always go for slimmer tiles for a timeless, elegant look. 

    4. Including Darker Shades

    neutral kitchen ideas, blue themed kitchen

    Neutral kitchen decor ideas probably make you think of dull browns and greens, however, that is not the case. If you are someone who likes darker tones but wants to experiment with neutral kitchen decor, you can have the best of both worlds.

    Not only can you work with darker shades, like black, blue and grey but you can also incorporate shades like copper and maroon. While it does sound unusual, it can work out wonderfully for your kitchen. 

    You may choose to contrast dark cabinets with light walls or include a splash of copper decor in a white kitchen. It is a simple yet effective way to achieve a beautiful, neutral toned kitchen. 

    5. Mix and Match Styles

    neutral kitchen ideas, mix and match kitchen

    While there are tons of neutral kitchen ideas you could use, it is still a big decision to go completely neutral. Moreover, it is natural for you to worry about your kitchen looking a bit too plain. It is entirely possible that you may want to experiment with warm and neutral kitchen colours together but are unsure of how this will work.

    For those of you who don’t want to fully commit to a neutral kitchen, you can mix it up with some contemporary ideas too. For example, if you choose to go with neutral toned cabinets and off white walls, your island can provide a bold splash of red or blue. 

    This technique works out if you like to frequently change your interiors, as it will give you the best of both designs. You can mix and match any styles to create a fusion kitchen for yourself. 

    Choose Saturn Interiors for Exquisite Kitchen Designs and Fittings

    With years of experience, Saturn Interiors has an upper hand when it comes to the perfect kitchen design. Whether you like neutral kitchens, modern or contemporary styles, we can help you with all of it.

    With us as your designing partners, you can sit back, relax and truly enjoy the process of acquiring the kitchen of your dreams.

    To begin your kitchen design journey with us, contact our team of professionals today!

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