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    5 Amazing Tips For Designing Single Wall Kitchens

    single wall kitchens, kitchen with brick wall

    Single wall kitchens have always been popular for their unique look and their ability to make your kitchen look more spacious. 

    A lot of people prefer single wall kitchens over traditional ones. They add a unique style to your home and are just as effective and functional as classic kitchens. 

    You can truly bring out the beauty of your one wall kitchen by using integrated appliances and smart solutions. When it comes to design, you can let your creativity flow.

    There are a lot of single wall kitchen design options that you can go for and you truly can still have it all with just one wall.

    If you are considering designing a single wall kitchen, the experts at Saturn Interiors have put together a few tips just for you. 

    5 Tips for Designing Single Wall Kitchens

    1. Accommodating Open Layouts

    single wall kitchens, kitchen opening into a garden

    It can sometimes be beneficial to have a single wall kitchen, mainly because it occupies less space. It means that you then have the freedom to use the rest of your space in any way you want. The best idea for this is to build an open plan kitchen.

    Open kitchens can be merged with an adjoining living area to seamlessly make it a part of your home. Moreover, open kitchen wall designs make it easier to access the kitchen and cook while managing other tasks. 

    Since single wall kitchens can sometimes only permit one person to cook. Therefore, if you choose to merge it with your living room or any other adjoining space, this brings a nice sociable aspect to your kitchen.

    2. Wall Units

    Single wall kitchens do not offer a lot of space, however, that does not mean you cannot design one in an ideal way for yourself. One wall kitchens may already come with base units for storing everyday items. You could also install wall units to go on top and bracket them with tall units for some extra storage space.

    Another fantastic idea is to install open shelving units. If you have a run of base and wall units, it is likely to look monotonous. Try breaking up your wall units with some open shelving units so you can have storage space as well as a pleasing aesthetic. 

    3. Adding an Island

    single wall kitchens, kitchen island

    When it comes to single wall kitchen designs, you do not have to be restricted when designing your wall. It is important to experiment and try to bring the entire space together. A great way of making your one wall kitchen look great is to add an island. 

    Adding an island in your single wall kitchen gives you space to dine and cook while also offering additional storage. With an island, you will find that you can get your tasks done much more efficiently. 

    4. Installing Smart Appliances

    single wall kitchens, kitchen appliances

    It is easy to make single wall kitchens functional, efficient and smart by installing smart appliances. Even though there is only one wall, you can still have the best smart appliances installed to make your daily routine a little bit easier.

    From integrated dishwashers to compact ovens, it is possible to fit in anything you want. Try to find out what appliances you need on a daily basis to find the right setup for your one wall kitchen. 

    You also have the option of choosing low-noise appliances so that you can continue working without disturbing anyone else in the adjoining living space.

    5. Including a Feature

    single wall kitchens, feature wall

    It can be difficult to choose the exact way you want to design your single wall kitchen. It is natural that you don’t want it to look plain, however, it may not accommodate all of your design ideas. The solution to this problem is to include a feature. 

    For example, if you have a single wall kitchen, your wall can become a feature wall by simply putting up wallpaper. You could even go for a variety of colours, gradients and prints. You could contrast against the rest of the room with a bright colour and make your kitchen hard to miss.

    Alternatively, you could also go for some statement shelves or other statement decor in your single wall kitchen.

    Choose Saturn Interiors for The Best Kitchen Designs

    Planning and designing single wall kitchens may not be your forte, but it is definitely ours. With years of experience in kitchen design and installation, Saturn Interiors is truly at the top of its game.

    If you are looking for the best kitchen installation company, we’ve got you covered. With our range of services and exceptional designs, you will get everything you need.

    No matter what your dream kitchen looks like, we can bring it to life. We believe in providing the best to our customers and can cater to all your bespoke kitchen design requirements.

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