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    Senior Friendly Kitchens: 5 Design Tips for The Elderly

    senior friendly kitchens, white themed kitchen

    With age, a lot of simple, everyday tasks can become difficult. This is especially true for seniors who are living by themselves. Consider your own parents or grandparents and think of how difficult routine tasks are for them at their age.

    When it comes to kitchens, there are plenty of hazards that should be considered. For example, they may encounter slippery floors, poor lighting or dangerous cooking equipment that could be harmful.

    Moreover, you also need to account for kitchen fires or injuries caused by cuts and burns. All in all, there are several things to think about when it comes to designing senior friendly kitchens. 

    Luckily, Saturn Interiors can help you out with the best designs for senior friendly kitchens. Let’s take a look!

    5 Kitchen Design Tips for the Elderly

    1. Lighting

    A light hanging from the wall It’s not uncommon for elderly people to have trouble seeing clearly. As they grow older, their eyesight can become weaker. This can clearly become a problem when it comes to kitchens, as they need to be able to see clearly to avoid injuries.  

    This is why, when it comes to kitchen design for the elderly, it’s generally advised that you install bright lights. Moreover, you should also consider planning the kitchen in a way that allows for a lot of natural light to flow in. Additionally, there are several kitchen aids for elderly people like under-cabinet lighting or task or track lighting that can make things easier for them. 

    You could also consider going for automatic lighting or motion sensing lights so that the kitchen is always well lit. When planning and designing senior friendly kitchens, pay attention and communicate clearly with your kitchen fitters for better lighting options.

    2. Flooring

    senior friendly kitchens, wood flooring

    When designing senior friendly kitchens, you need to pick the right flooring. Elderly people can be more prone to spills, which is why they need kitchen flooring that allows for easy cleanup to prevent falls. The best way to go about this is to avoid flooring that isn’t the non-glare type.

    Moreover, be careful of avoiding carpet tape or rugs as they are likely to be a tripping hazard for elderly people. What you can go for instead is non-slip tiles or cork floor coverings that can help prevent falls. Additionally, a good tip is to choose smaller tiles that have minimal gaps between them to prevent any slipping accidents. 

    3.  Cabinets

    senior friendly kitchens, green kitchen cabinets

    Senior friendly kitchens are designed keeping elderly people in mind, which means you have to consider the exact placement of everything. For example, cabinets should be installed around 3 inches lower than the usual height for better accessibility.

    Moreover, you could also opt for some pull down shelves that are easier to access and require minimal strain. The lower shelves in the kitchen could also feature pull out shelves to help with back pain. It also gives you better storage for heavier kitchen items.



    4. Countertops

    senior friendly kitchens, kitchen countertop

    When it comes to designing senior friendly kitchens, you will need to pay special attention to your countertops. We advise choosing different colours for countertops and cabinets so that it’s easier to distinguish for the weaker eye. 

    Moreover, you could also opt for multi-level countertops for seniors who are wheelchair bound. It increases accessibility and manoeuvrability as anybody can use the counter that is easier for them to reach. Furthermore, opt for rounded corners on countertops rather than sharp ones to avoid injuries.

    5. Kitchen Appliances

    senior friendly kitchens, kitchen appliances

    Every kitchen needs some basic appliances, for senior friendly kitchens you’ll need to consider wall ovens instead of regular ones as they’re safer, accessible and do not require bending or lifting.

    Other senior friendly appliances also include motorised sinks which are perfect for seniors using wheelchairs. A hands-free faucet or pull out sprayer also works incredibly well. 

    When considering refrigerators, opt for one with a longer handle for better grip. For microwaves, be careful to install them at eye level so that they can be reached. 


    Choose Saturn Interiors for Kitchen Designs and Fittings

    When it comes to kitchens, the design experts at Saturn Interiors know exactly what needs to be done. No matter what your requirements are, we can deliver your dream kitchen.

    Whether you require customised, senior friendly kitchens, modern or traditional ones, we can help you have it all.

    With years of experience in kitchen design and fittings, you can rest assured that your kitchen project is in the most capable hands. 

    To begin designing your dream kitchen with us, contact us right away!

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