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    The Top Four Dine-In Kitchen Considerations You Need To Make

    Dine-In Kitchen Considerations

    Dine-in kitchens are one of our favourite kitchen designs because they are not only fantastic space-savers but if designed correctly, they look as glamorous and elegant as any other stand-alone kitchen model.

    However, what most people don’t get is that designing a dine-in kitchen can be quite a difficult task. Without a kitchen design professional, it is nearly impossible to pull off a great dine-in space unless you have prior experience already.

    So, the question is, how can one create a cosy dine-in kitchen?

    To help you out, we’ve put forth our favourite four dine-in kitchen ideas that you can readily incorporate into your kitchen space. Then once you’ve got your heart set on the perfect kitchen, you can get in touch with some kitchen specialists to ensure they bring your dream kitchen to life.

    1: Create a Comfortable Kitchen Seating Area

    Comfortable Kitchen Seating Area

    The kitchen area is one such space in the house where people spend a lot of their time. Therefore, a comfortable seating area in the kitchen room is a must.

    Since we are discussing dine-in kitchen ideas, we suggest that you create a comfortable banquette corner using the upholstered benches. This trend is becoming hugely popular, not only because they are an awesome space-saving idea, but also because they provide the quirky atmosphere found in most restaurants.

    Add some throw pillows to the seating area to make it more comfortable and homelier, and you’ve got yourself the perfect kitchen seating area.

    2: Make the Kitchen Lighting Appear Welcoming

    Aside from a comfortable seating area, an effective dine-in kitchen should also have a cosy and welcoming atmosphere – especially at the dining table.

    Saturn Interiors recommend installing one or two pendant lights to steal the show, as it is human nature to be drawn towards light. Pendant lights help concentrate the focus towards the table, which is often the focal point in any dine-in kitchen.

    Additionally, it creates a lower ceiling illusion, which makes the dining area feel a lot more intimate – the perfect setting for a delicious meal with your loved ones. 

    3: Soften Loud Sounds

    Soften Loud Sounds

    Kitchens are full of items and appliances which reflect a lot of sound. Whilst hearing the banging of pots and pans is a necessity for any cooking programme on the TV, it’s not actually something the majority of us enjoy listening to in real life.

    Adding a rug beneath your dining table will help reduce the sounds from echoing around the room. Additionally, the rug will exclusively distinguish the dining area of your dine-in kitchen from the rest of the kitchen space, making it feel like you have a separate room even when you don’t have the space to do that.

    4: Add Some Colour to Your Kitchen

    Last but not least, add some colour to the space! Your kitchen is one area in your home where you can have fun with colours, and your seating area is the perfect spot to start.

    A popular choice is to use a colour that pops – and warmer colours generally work better.  A bright shade is great alongside the neutral colours in the rest of the kitchen area.

    No matter what colour you choose to run with, incorporating your favourite colours into your dining area is always a good approach. It gives a much cosier vibe and will be more enjoyable to spend your time in.

    So, Why Wait? Go Get Started On Your Dream Kitchen Design…

    Before you start with the designing process, draw out your floor plan and work out what you can realistically fit into the space. Whilst you might be tempted to get carried away with choosing light fixtures and worktop patterns, you need to first identify what bigger features you can fit into the space available. Once you have the important elements figured out, that’s when the fun truly begins…

    If you are unsure on where to start, get in touch with reputable kitchen experts. Contact our friendly team today for a free kitchen design and plan.

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