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    How To Create A Kitchen Desk Area You Can’t Walk Away From

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    For those of us that are workaholics, sometimes it becomes necessary to incorporate home-life and work-life together. And if you add being a massive foodie into that mix too… well, it calls for only one thing – a desk area in the kitchen that allows you to work, eat and remain within the confines of your own home, all at the same time!

    Or perhaps you work from home a lot and don’t have the required ‘spare room’ to transform into your very own work office.

    Regardless of why, you’ve probably stumbled across this post because you are interested in creating a kitchen desk area which offers adequate room to keep your work essentials in place, along with a comfortable seating arrangement.

    As let’s face it – working from home can be great if you can resist the temptation to binge-watch Netflix all day, but the backache that usually comes along with working from the sofa is certainly not even half as fun!

    So, keeping this in mind, here are some considerations that will help you to create a comfortable kitchen desk area you’ll be happy to work at day in, day out…

    Create space for a pinboard

    You might have a habit of putting up sticky notes on your refrigerator to remind you of some of the essential household chores that need to be taken care of. Similarly, you need a to-do list to remind you of your professional commitments and there is only so much space a fridge can provide…

    Get yourself a large pin board that you can fill with important work tasks and then you can refer to it as and when it’s needed. You can also affix calendars, schedules and other important notices onto it, so checking how your day is shaping up to be whilst eating your breakfast can easily become a reality.

    A pinboard is also a great way to bring together a ‘separate’ space in a room. So, if you have found the perfect little area to put a desk, but find it looks a little lonesome in your kitchen, hang a pin board above it – and perhaps another to the side of it if it’s in the corner, to get yourself your very own little office study within your kitchen.

    Work on your kitchen design

    Work on your kitchen design

    There are several ways to design your kitchen. Whether it’s a classic, shaker or contemporary kitchen style you have in mind, it’s sure to take some thought.

    Some individuals prefer to design their kitchen entirely by themselves and then get the professionals in to fit it afterwards, while others decide that designing a kitchen is a huge task and one that needs a lot of planning, effort and time and therefore hire kitchen specialists to do it instead.

    Most people realise that you cannot really afford to make a mistake with your kitchen design, as kitchen counters, cabinets and other appliances don’t exactly come cheap.

    So, with that in mind, it is wise to leave the interior design of the kitchen area to people who understand exactly what encompasses the perfect and most effective kitchen design. And when there are kitchen designers out there offering a free kitchen design and plan, why would anyone not at least explore this viable option?

    Pick a corner that experiences the least amount of foot traffic

    The best spot to install a kitchen desk is to pick a corner which isn’t frequently used or is conveniently empty. This seems fairly obvious, but we have all been guilty of cluttering spaces because it’s there, only to find that we can’t close a door properly after doing so.

    Make sure that you select a desk of the right dimension and ensure that it fits in with the rest of the interior of your kitchen. You certainly don’t want your kitchen desk standing out like a sore thumb in comparison.

    An experienced kitchen designer will possess the art of blending the right design elements together. As you may have already realised in your interior experience to date, making something look nice is not always a difficult task – but ensuring that it functions exactly how it should certainly is!

    If you are wanting to create an efficient kitchen desk space but don’t have the time, skill or desire to do it yourself, get in touch with the team at Saturn Interiors. We create bespoke kitchens for all budgets and can incorporate whatever requirements you have for a kitchen into our designs.

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