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    How To Understand The Difference Between A Rustic And Country Kitchen Design

    Rustic And Country Kitchen Design

    Do you want your kitchen to open with French doors? Or are you the type of homeowner that would prefer sturdy wooden vintage doors? Often, homeowners are confused about whether they should pick a rustic or country design for their kitchen. Obviously, you have only one kitchen and you are unlikely to change your kitchen design every couple of years, so it is important to pick one that you actually like as you will be using it every day.

    Thankfully, your choice can be made easy if you understand the nuances of both rustic and country themes.

    You might have to get in touch with kitchen design experts to get in-depth information about the minute intricacies attached with each design style. They can explain to you the specifics of each design, taking into account your kitchen’s space configurations and the budget you have set aside for the renovation project. And then once you have decided on the kitchen of your dreams, you can get the kitchen experts to build it for you, all whilst you have your feet up, stress-free.

    But for starters, it is necessary to acquire a basic understanding of both of these themes and so we have discussed the important aspects of each below:

    Colour Differences

    Color Differences

    When you come across images of country-themed kitchens, you will notice a wide array of colours and combinations. You will find kitchens in vibrant hues, cheerful tones, and warm neutrals as well.

    For this design layout, you can pick colours like cherry red, warm apricot, canary yellow, and royal blue.

    On the other hand, if you are planning to have a rustic themed kitchen, then you should look for neutral colours and earthy tones combined with a minimalist contrast between hues. For this theme, you can pick colours like dark-yellow gold, grey, rust orange, chocolate brown, off-white, dark blue, tan or forest green.

    Though of course, it’s worth noting that it is your kitchen and at Saturn Interiors, it is ultimately the decision of our customer. We cater to any taste or style, so let your imagination run wild.

    Regional Themes

    In a rustic kitchen set-up, you will often notice features associated with a particular small-town culture. You will come across authentic regional attractions such as central plains, mountain west, Adirondack and Pacific Northwest design elements, to name just a few.

    For instance, in a rustic kitchen, you can include authentic mud pots, woven textiles, vintage fishing supplies, handmade quilts, coal-mining lanterns and other traditional artefacts.

    The country theme based kitchens are designed based on the local culture or from styles that come under general categories like farmhouse, cottage, and French décor styles.

    Wood variations

    Wood variations

    Surprisingly, both these themes have something in common and that is a good amount of wood utilisation. A large number of wooden furnishings and wood workings have been incorporated in both these themes. But, they do vary in terms of stains, types and colours based on which theme you choose.

    It has been observed that oak is more often picked for a country theme setting because of its flower grain concentration in the wood. Additionally, oak can be easily stained into a wide range of colours that fit with traditional country décor.

    For example, cherry oak is usually used for English or French kitchens and white oak for casual cottage kitchens.

    Warm natural wood tones are preferred for rustic kitchens which includes alder, knotty pine or hickory.


    Rustic themed kitchens have worn-out looking cabinets, furniture, flooring and accessories. If you prefer this theme, then you need to look for a good combination of accessories and weathered furniture which adds purpose and authenticity to your kitchen space.

    While designing a country themed kitchen, you can try to add a number of antique elements, but the attention-grabbing factor will be its modern décor, new furnishings and warm appeal.

    If you are looking at a rustic kitchen then you will find hints of antique metals, vintage glass, wrought iron, reclaimed wood, primitive linens and a resemblance to log cabins or mountain lodges.

    Apart from this, there are different types of sub-categories for each of them. Country themed kitchens can be classified into formal country, farmhouse country, English country, country cottage and a fair few other names, which is why it is good to speak to kitchen design experts, so you know the distinct difference between each.

    The sheer number of options available can make it difficult for you to come to a decision on your kitchen design. At Saturn Interiors, we can provide you with solutions tailored to your individual needs and budget considerations, which will make the decision making process considerably easier… Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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