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The Top 5 Bedroom Colours

Morning Bedroom Shot

It’s inevitable that your bedroom is a room in your house where you will spend a large proportion of your time when you’re at home. We found an interesting study in the Independent that found that bedroom colours play a massive part in your mood and how you sleep.

We take our client’s requests and instructions on board with every design but we do sometimes suggest alternative colours in the bedroom based on research and our own experience. So, with that being said – what are the best and worst bedroom colours?



Across multiple studies, blue has been seen as the best bedroom colour to choose when redecorating. People view the colour (in softer shades) as calming and soothing, making it an ideal palette to make sure you rest easy and rest well.

In fact, a Travelodge survey found that those with blue bedrooms averaged seven hours and fifty-four minutes of sleep a night!


Interestingly, yellow ranked highly across the board with people perceiving the hue as one that contained a happy ambience and that this colour (along with orange and pink) made them feel more excitable which might be the ambience you’re looking for in your bedroom.


Sea green bedroom

Green has recently come back into vogue, especially in the more muted shades available. One shade that is proving to be extremely popular is a sage green, bringing to mind nature. Teaming it with white bedding and warm, rich wood can create a jaw-dropping effect.


Odyssey Cream Gloss Bedroom Furniture

Silver and a select number of greys have scored highly in a wide range of consumer surveys with people saying the colour evokes creature comforts like a warm cup of tea and a good book. The science behind the shade is that it mimics the moon and thus tells your brain it’s night.


Lavender is a versatile colour that can be used in your living room, bathroom, or bedroom. Its versatility is due to the fact that, psychologically, it is said to inspire creativity and imagination. It is also meant to inspire positivity and aid relaxation, giving you the perfect balance whether you’re retiring for the night or waking up ahead of a busy day.

What Are The Worst Bedroom Colours?

Having looked through several reports the worst colours for your bedroom are:

  • Brown – this is a colour that should never enter your bedroom, the dark shades will shrink the room whilst the actual shade is one of gloom
  • Red –  Surprisingly, the colour of passion is one that several studies point out to avoid due to its power. It quickens the pulse, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but will cut your sleep short.


These are just guides however and even those colours earmarked as bad for bedrooms can work to your advantage with the right accents applied to compliment them. Oh, and if you want to know the colour which makes people most active – it’s caramel.

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