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Considering Wickes? Why Your Next Kitchen Should Come From an Independent Kitchen Company

Buying a new kitchen is a big decision, after all – it can add 6% to the value of your house. Equally, we’re all busy, between work, the kids, and a limited amount of free time; so the temptation for the path of least resistance is always preferable. However, going to a national chain rather than an independent kitchen company may be convenient in the short term but taking a longer view?  

A study by Which? Magazine found that independent or studio kitchen companies topped the charts when it came to who consumers trusted the most, beating out household names like John Lewis, Wickes, and IKEA. What makes an independent kitchen company a more attractive option for your next kitchen? Read on to find out more.

Hands-on Involvement

Kitchens aren’t a low-involvement purchase, the whole process is a partnership, with the ideal result being that you get a kitchen of your dreams using a company that can take your vision from a concept to reality. While going to a household name might seem the easiest in theory, it doesn’t always ring true in practice. An independent retailer can ensure that your project isn’t just a number and can make sure that you get A + players they can personally vouch for as opposed to whoever is available to do the job in the quickest time.


The kitchen is a room that people spend a large amount of their free time in. It’s not just where you cook but also where you catch up with family, and thus it’s a place where you want to look at showing off your own personality with the look and personal touches available. 

Going to an independent company will allow more scope to get a kitchen fit for your needs as opposed to one that is ‘off-the-shelf’. Designer kitchen companies often allow a lot of leeway when it comes to the overall design and will take into account your own wishes as opposed to ‘pigeon-holing’ you into an ‘off-the-rack’ solution that doesn’t take into account your routines and habits.

Over the years we’ve strived to try and factor in what our customers’ value into our designs to make sure they get a design and finished article that represents them.

Added Peace of Mind

Independent companies come in many flavours and if you can find one that offers full project management then you can rest easier knowing that you won’t need to worry about taking your own measurements or having to fit your own units as you might have to with some national chains.

This means that you can spend your time and energy where it matters, in ensuring that you can attain all the ingredients needed to make up your dream kitchen, be they worktops take into account your daily routine or appliances that add the finishing touches to the aesthetic.

The Personal Touch

While independent companies have a roster of customers, these have been developed by the same people from the start through to completion. The mindset for the designer studios is to win the customer’s heart by their ability to be able to be flexible and cater to each project’s uniqueness. Where a national chain will often have a sales rep who will be far removed from the fitter who comes out. A major positive of the independent kitchen company is that they will often use fitters that they can personally vouch for and have long-standing histories with them.

Innovative Designs at a Lower Cost

National stores will often only feature ranges that are proven to be popular so that they have a high turnover of stock, the consequence of this is that you might find your choice is limited with these chains. For those of you who want something that is on the cutting edge of design, you can be sure to find some examples with local independents. They will usually have a closer relationship with their suppliers than the bigger companies and will be looking for designs that stand-out not just to them but to their customer base. 

They’ll be able to compete with prices compared to the national chains because while the bigger players in the market enjoy buying power by the volume in which they trade, they also have larger spaces to pay, more staff on payroll, and larger overheads in marketing, advertising, and distribution than the independent store. Because of this, an independent store can often offer you the ideal solution at a value a national brand cannot. 

So, if you’re in the market for your new kitchen be sure to include independent companies in your shortlist, you might be surprised at the range and budgets they can cater for.

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