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    4 Clever Ways to Improve and Glow Up Your L-shaped Kitchen Design

    improve your l-shaped kitchen; woman drinking coffee in her kitchen

    L-shaped kitchens can provide enough space for cooking and entertainment if you design them adequately. However, the same type of kitchen might feel cramped or lacking in style due to bad planning and arrangement. 

    To make the most of your L-shaped kitchen, you must consider adding design elements that improve functionality and appearance. Fortunately, it’s straightforward to implement changes that will improve your L-shaped kitchen’s design. 

    The experts at Saturn Interiors are well-versed in providing L-shaped kitchen remodelling services to enhance the look of your home. To help do the same to your cooking space, we’ve created a list of L-shaped kitchen ideas that you can use to make your cooking more lively and glamorous. 

    Let’s get started! 

    1. Add a Kitchen Island

    If your kitchen has enough room, we highly recommend adding a kitchen island to your home. An island provides additional counter space, storage and seating, increasing the functionality of your kitchen. 

    The area can also serve as a visual focal point, making your L-shaped kitchen more visually appealing. Otherwise, the long cabinetry lines bring a lacklustre look to your kitchen. 

    A kitchen island also provides increased space for food preparation and events, perfect if you have guests at home regularly. It’s also a great addition if you’re planning to knock through your kitchen walls

    2. Upgrade the Lighting

    l-shaped kitchen ideas; a well-lit kitchen

    Lighting plays a crucial role in a small L-shaped kitchen layout and can bring a glow up to your cooking space. If you have poor lighting in your L-shaped kitchen, it will make your room look dim and uninviting. 

    On the other hand, having good kitchen lights can help highlight the features of your kitchen and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

    Good lighting also helps simplify cooking, cutting and cleaning and doesn’t strain your eyes. It also reduces the risks of accidents and can make your kitchen a fun place to work and be in. 

    The right lighting can also bring the right aesthetic to your L-shaped kitchen. We recommend using adjustable lighting to create a cosy atmosphere while dining in the kitchen. 

    3. Add More Storage Space 

    If you have some space between the cabinets and the ceiling in your kitchen, we highly recommend using it. You can add cupboards, additional cabinets and other things to store things in your kitchen. 

    If you have additional storage, your kitchen will be more organised, making it easier to access and find items you need. This also helps to reduce clutter and make your kitchen easier to clean

    Extra storage can also provide more counter and cupboard space, giving you more room for food preparations. With less clutter in your kitchen, extra storage space can enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. 

    The addition of extra cabinets and cupboards can create a more pleasant and attractive environment in your kitchen. However, we recommend taking the help of the kitchen specialists at Saturn Interiors to ensure the extra space bodes well in your kitchen. 

    4. Bring Changes to the Layout

    l-shaped kitchen remodel; a white l-shaped kitchen

    If you have space to make changes, you might want to consider some layout changes for your L-shaped kitchen. The main objective behind these layout changes should be to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen. 

    One of the best L-shaped kitchen layout ideas is to create a gold work triangle. It consists of creating a smooth workflow between the stove, fridge and sinks. You need to ensure that you can easily access these areas while cooking. 

    While making changes to your kitchen layout, think about how you use your space and appliances. After that, make a work triangle that helps you during your daily kitchen use. This will mean that you don’t need to put in too much effort to maintain your kitchen.

    If you want to make the best upgrades to your kitchen layouts, we highly recommend speaking with the specialists at Saturn Interiors. They can provide you with L-shaped kitchen layout ideas that can help make your kitchen a better place to work in. 

    Contact Saturn Interiors to Bring a Glow Up to Your L-shaped Kitchen

    Now that you’re aware of some of the clever ways to improve your L-shaped kitchen design, it’s time to bring those ideas to reality. Saturn Interiors offers the best kitchen upgrades to homes in Northampton. 

    We offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets, worktops and more for your L-shaped kitchen. With our expertise, we can help you get closer to your dream kitchen, with the layout and appliances that suit your home. 

    Check out our stunning kitchen designs and contact us to learn more about our services today!

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