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    Bedroom Colour Ideas

    Luxury bedroom

    Choosing the right colour scheme for your bedroom is just as important as choosing colours for different rooms in your house. Your bedroom is your private space — so you have the right to choose all of its components to express your personal style.

    Colours give a room its personality as well as functionality. When selecting bedroom colours, it is important to consider the mood you want to achieve. Is your bedroom solely a place to rest and relax after a long day? Or do you want to feel energized as soon as you wake up in the morning? Whatever the case, there is a perfect colour scheme that will set the tone for each look and mood you want.

    When selecting colours, you can opt for a single colour and go monochromatic while playing with different shades and tones of the colour. Otherwise, you can choose two to three complementary colours to create a more exciting feel.

    Play with different materials and textures to complete the look and mood you are going for. You can introduce fabrics, wood, and even metals accents to the room. Your beddings can also help in giving flavour to your room.

    Here is a list of basic colour ideas for your bedroom. You can create variations of them, and useful additions, accessories, and accents for a more cohesive look.

    modern style bedroom

    Neutral Colors

    Neutrals exude a timeless and classic vibe to any space. It is the easiest colour scheme you can play with. By starting with your base neutral colour —white, black, beige, tan, mauve, or grey — you can add other colour accents for a pop of colour. Neutral dark colours are also great for creating a tranquil, serene, and relaxing mood for the bedroom.

    White is the simplest colour to work with. You can use different hues to give life to a white room. You can combine white with different materials, especially wood, without worrying that they’ll clash. Additionally, white is a great colour to make a room look bigger and cleaner. If white is too simple for your taste, you can go for its different shades — eggshell, pearl, and others.

    Black exudes sophistication, luxury, and style. It is often used to bring a minimalistic vibe to any room. You can use accent walls to make the space less bleak. Black is also versatile and easily paired with other colours and materials, especially metal accents.

    Cool Colors

    Cool colours provide a sense of relaxation and calmness to the room. It is easy and cool to the eyes. Cool colours include all shades of blue, green, and violet.

    With blue, you can use different shades and mimic the “sea and sky” vibe to bring forth a relaxing mood and a tranquil, serene, and soothing environment. It is best to keep your bedding soft-coloured, accentuated by soft natural light. You can also pair blue with white to create a classic nautical theme.

    Sea green bedroom

    Green is known to help give rest to weary eyes. As such, using it as the dominant colour for the bedroom will induce relaxation and rest. Green is often combined with wood materials to give an earthy and nature-like environment to your private space.

    Lastly, violet hues symbolize royalty and regality. This rich colour is best mixed with jewel colours.

    Warm Colors

    Warm colours are the best options to bring energy and life to a room. You will find it easier to wake up in a bedroom with a warm colour scheme.

    Warm colours work great with bold patterns and textures. Choose from a variety of red, orange, and yellow tones which will definitely spice up your room.

    Going all-out red can make your personal space seem bold and exotic. However, make sure to incorporate interesting patterns and prints to tame this bright hue.

    You can also opt to use pink shades for a subtler, softer, and more delicate ambience. Both red and pink can bring a romantic and feminine feel to a room.

    Yellow translates to sunny, energetic, and happy vibes. This shade will surely brighten up your room — and your disposition as well. Go for this colour to start your day on a positive note.


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