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    Bedroom Design – The Basics You Need To Consider

    Bedroom Design

    Everyone has their own unique perspective or vision for how their bedroom should look. It is, after all, the most personal space a person can create, so it comes as no surprise that people’s opinions differ so hugely on it.  Now, it is this uniqueness that acts as a central theme for any bedroom design and therefore, all surrounding elements will vary accordingly.

    Apart from comfort, the right colour and the subsequent décor, there are some common elements that every bedroom design needs to incorporate. The team at Saturn Interiors have jotted down some of them below:


    Whether you like to enjoy a good book in bed or watch a film before you drift off, there’s no denying that a bedroom has one true purpose – and that is ultimately to get a good night’s sleep. This is why it is essential that you feel comfortable and relaxed in your bedroom, otherwise you’ll struggle to get enough sleep from day to day. A cosy, warm bed that is begging for you to wrap yourself up inside it is exactly what you’re aiming for as it will instantly encourage a feeling of relaxation, lulling you to sleep in minutes.

    Lighting is also important, as not everyone can just jump into bed and switch off. From foundation lights, decorative lights to task lights, you can install different layers of manmade lighting into your bedroom design to ensure that your room does not mimic something a member from the Adam’s family would feel right at home in.

    And finally, let’s be realistic – many of us dream of having a walk-in wardrobe that rivals that of Carrie Bradshaw’s, but for the majority of us, that’s not always a viable option. So, storage that is incorporated into the bedroom design is also a vital piece of the puzzle. If you’re unsure about how to do that, consult with reputable interior design experts who can assist in creating a bedroom of your dreams.


    Some individuals prefer that their bedroom acts as a gateway to their creative inspirations. This could be living a life they aspire to or pursuing a hobby. You can design such a bedroom by highlighting one corner of the room.

    For example, a floor to ceiling window which provides a landscape view of the city or an inspirational sight is the perfect place to write, so for those who enjoy putting pen to paper, a desk will be an important part of their bedroom design.

    Choosing the right colour is also important. Which colours do you find to be inspiring? Do you want your room to be decked in shades of pastel or would you instead prefer a darker or stronger shade? The choice you make completely depends on your personal preferences and what inspires you as an individual.

    A unique piece of furniture or a piece of art also has the potential to motivate you and keep you moving forward. An abstract piece on the wall opposite your bed can light a fuse in you every morning to pursue and achieve your goals, so considering something loud and bold is a great route to explore.

    Your Throne

    The bed is likely to be the focal point of your bedroom and that means that for a bedroom to look as awesome as you want, you need to ensure you make the right choice. You need to love your bed, otherwise this is where it all falls apart.

    Some people prefer elaborate bed designs, such as a huge four poster bed fit for a king. Whereas others like a more crisp, minimalist design.

    Headboards are often used as a focal point for the bedroom and the great part about these is that there really is no end to the choices you have available to you. Whether you want a beautifully intricate metal design, or a tall crushed velvet headboard, the world is your oyster.

    There are many options to choose from, and the decision is entirely in your hands. Saturn Interiors design bedrooms that cater to all kinds of budgets.

    Focusing on Look and Feel:

    Many individuals do not possess adequate knowledge about designing bedroom layouts and end up unknowingly opting for an asymmetric layout. If you feel overwhelmed with the task at hand, it would be wise to seek professional help before you get started.

    It is up to you to decide which perspective you want to incorporate into your bedroom design, because regardless of what people say, you’re the one who is going to end up spending a lot of time sleeping – or counting sheep, in that room, so you need to love it either way!

    If you don’t feel at home in your own bedroom, the one room that acts as a refuge from the hectic buzz of daily life, then you may be signing yourself up to countless sleepless nights… and who honestly wants that? We all need our beauty sleep after all!

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