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    Kitchen design ideas to give it a little TLC – Treat the heart of your home!

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    The kitchen is the centre of gravity in the universe of your home. Attracting everyone from your family, and friends and guests on occasion, our kitchen plays a massive part in all of our lives. But to really love it and reap the rewards every day, you’ll need to invest a bit of your love and TLC to create the space you’ve always wanted to enjoy. There are two ways in which you can do this… Go Hard and Go Home (expensive ideas) or Simple yet Splendid Kitchen Updates (cheap but effective!). For whichever you prefer, scroll down below!

    Go Hard and Go Home on your Kitchen!

    • Make changes high and low! Update the flooring, walling and ceiling in the kitchen. You can use bluestone, granite, marble or glass tiles or wood for a more vintage look. Keep the ceiling dark, while making the wall bright and the floor light for a cosier space, or keep all surfaces bright to create a more open feel.

    clonmel knotty oak painted light blue kitchen saturn interiors

    • Install wall mounted kitchen cabinets whose colour matches with that of the walls. Choose from glass, wood, steel or custom plastic material that can imitate ceramic. You can opt for two large-sized cabinets in between which you place a small sized cabinet.
    • Floor cabinets can be in contrasting colour with the wall mounted ones. Pull out cabinet types can store a larger number of kitchenware and utensils within a limited space.

    wood kitchen vintage design home style

    • Install a stylish smoke extractor (exhaust hood) right over the stove. It is generally made from stainless steel but you can wrap this with any material in a colour that suits you so that it fits with the rest of your kitchen design. Alternatively, you can also pick colours which deliberately contrast with your ceiling colours.
    • Keep the lighting gentle in nature but bright enough to make things visible during the night. Swing arm sconces are best when fitted right above the cooking, cutting and baking places. They provide additional light.
    • Set up stylish lanterns over your dining table if you have the dining area within the kitchen. Hanging lamps can bring in an element of contrast. You can install them at the corner of ceilings.
    • Copper mounted lights on the ceilings bring in an element of royal legacy to your kitchen. For a change, you can also opt for reflecting types of pendants.

    modern contemporary iona inframe painted graphite kitchen saturn interiors

    Simple yet Splendid Kitchen Updates

    • Take a good look at your existing kitchen design. Get the walls, cabinets and ceiling re-painted with light and dark colour combination.
    • Install a centre kitchen table for cutting, baking and grinding purposes. You can opt for black stone for the table top which looks like granite but costs a lot less. You can also extend this centre table and add a few chairs to transform it into your dining table.

    kitchen modern design curved cupboards with island

    • Aluminium window blinds matching your wall colour can enhance the elegance of your kitchen. Install two wall cabinets on either side of the window to augment the feeling of depth.
    • Wall lighting can be simple yet splendid in nature. Use flush mounted lights or lantern types of lights to bring in an element of classical touch. You can use under the cabinet lighting to make the kitchen table look bright and beautiful. Candles can add quick character (and some nice scents too!).
    • Install an elegant exhaust fan or in a contrasting colour to your kitchen wall. This can bring a new lease of life to your kitchen, without too much hassle (or breaking the bank).
    • Install a ceramic or plain glass sink. These aren’t too pricey, and certainly add a good dash of style.

    Now take another good look at your kitchen and smile. If it smiles back at you, you can feel content in a job well done!

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