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    5 Trending Kitchen Sink Designs for Your New Home

    kitchen sink design ideas, a white countertop with sink and black taps

    Naturally, when thinking of a kitchen revamp or redesign for your home, the most important considerations will involve enhancing its practicality and functionality.

    However, when it comes to functionality, one kitchen feature is often overlooked, which is the sink. As an essential kitchen component, this plays a big role in your kitchen’s aesthetic. 

    Kitchen sinks are no longer restricted to the same old basic design consisting of a single basin and a plain tap. They come with many versatile features and a variety of designs, styles and configurations to choose from. To ensure that your kitchen sink design fits your requirements as well as matches the interiors of your home, making the right choice is very important. 

    Equipped with years of experience, the expert team at Saturn Interiors know what’s in when it comes to kitchen features. With our help, you can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen. 

    5 Trending Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

    1. Sleek Undermount Sinks 

    Undermount sinks, usually installed beneath the worktop, come with a hidden rim and are attached to the underside of the counter. Unlike top-mount or drop-in sinks, this kitchen sink is designed to provide a wider working space.

    This kitchen sink design idea paired with a strong worktop material like granite, marble or concrete is a great combination. These sturdy materials are perfect for providing the required support for your kitchen sink.

    Avoid installing undermount sinks on laminate or tile worktops as these materials have weaker points along the seams and grout lines. As a result, these worktops are not ideal to bear the weight of a heavy sink, increasing the chances of damage.

    2. Double Basin Bowl Sinks

    kitchen sink ideas, a lady washing plates in one basin and drying a set of plates in another

    Another distinctive kitchen sink design idea is the double basin, also known as the double bowl sink. These sinks feature a rectangular shape with two adjacent bowls or basins, separated by a partition. The two partitions can be either of the same or different dimensions with common measurements of 13 inches by 18 inches and 30 inches by 20. 

    When compared to single-bowl sinks, double basins need more countertop space, making them an unpopular choice for small kitchens. Besides this shortfall, this sink design comes with many advantages, with one being its multi-tasking capabilities. 

    If you’re someone who likes to wrap up the kitchen jobs quickly, this sink design is ideal for you. 

    3. Farmhouse or Apron Sinks 

    A farmhouse sink, also known as an “apron sink,” stands out with its exposed front. These sinks have spacious and deep basins, which are greater in size compared to the standard depth of modern undermount or top-mount kitchen sinks, making them convenient for washing larger pots and pans.

    Farmhouse sinks are designed to sit slightly ahead of surrounding cabinets. They serve a practical purpose by preventing water from reaching and potentially damaging the cabinets. Instead, excess water flows down the front of the sink and onto the sink floor.

    The appearance and feel of a farmhouse sink add nostalgic charm, bringing a sense of rustic character to your space, and upgrading the aesthetics by integrating a traditional element.

    4. Drain Sinks 

    The drain or apron sink typically features a drain board attached to one or both sides. The extended drainboard or apron offers you space for drying out your dishes or utensils immediately after washing them. When you place the freshly washed items on the drainboard, the water effectively flows into the basing, without making the countertop wet. 

    Having a designated space for drying dishes directly on the sink can save you time and effort in the kitchen. If you frequently wash dishes by hand, this kitchen sink is the right choice for you. 

    5. Bar Sinks

    kitchen sink design, a small black sink on a white countertop

    Smaller than most other standard sinks, bar sinks typically range from 9.5 to 18 inches in width. Their compact size makes them an ideal choice if your kitchen has limited counter space. 

    Bar sinks come with a small basin, perfect for simple prep tasks such as washing fruit or vegetables. You can opt for one or two bowls in either drop-in or undermount styles. These sinks are a practical solution when you want functionality in a limited space, providing convenience for specific tasks without taking up much room.

    Contact Saturn Interiors to Design Your Dream Kitchen!

    Whether it’s the kitchen sink or kitchen cabinets that need some attention, we have the experience to help. With the right kitchen design, you can bring a touch of style and practicality to your kitchen space. 

    At Saturn Interiors, our talented team will work with you to select and create custom kitchen sink designs to suit your taste and requirements. With our experience, you can rest assured we always deliver the best.

    Some of our best designs include the stunning Shaker Kitchen, the luxurious Strada Matt Kitchen, and much more. 

    To learn more about us, visit our kitchens page, or contact us to book an appointment today! 

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