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    Trending Kitchen Countertop Design to Take Charge of the New Year

    kitchen countertop design, a kitchen with white countertop

    With the new year approaching soon, it’s time to give your kitchen a fresh and stylish makeover. While many homeowners go all out when it comes to kitchen renovations, some prefer to keep it minimal, opting for subtle yet impactful changes.

    If you belong to the latter, revamping your kitchen countertop is a fantastic way to welcome the new year. Without a doubt, the kitchen countertop is the most important part of your kitchen. Whether it’s being used for meal prep, baking, work or as a cocktail-making station, this space is always being used.

    To help you stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends, we have curated a guide on the trending kitchen countertop designs that will transform your kitchen space in 2024. 

    Whether you’re aiming for a complete kitchen overhaul or a subtle upgrade, these trends are designed to cater to a variety of preferences, making sure your kitchen welcomes the new year in style and sophistication.

    Let’s get started!

    1. Set the Tone with a Honed or Polished Finish 

    trending kitchen countertop, a polished marble countertop

    When it comes to kitchen countertop design, the finish plays an important role in achieving the desired aesthetic. While polished countertops have long been a reliable choice, recent trends lean towards textured and tactile designs. These textured finishes make a big impact on the look and feel of the countertop. 

    One notable alternative is the matte finish, which is characterised by its subdued shine and smooth surface. These finishes are good at hiding imperfections and scratches, which means they not only enhance the beauty of your kitchen but also serve as a practical choice. 

    The leathered finish is another option that is becoming increasingly popular. Boasting a subtle sheen, this finish is less intense than a polished surface, accompanied by a textured appearance resembling dimples. These surfaces exude a natural vibe, making them a good addition if you have a rustic or earthy kitchen theme.

    2. Add Waterfall Edges for a Seamless Look 

    This kitchen countertop design is created by extending the countertop at a 90-degree angle to meet the floor. This extension gives an illusion of uninterrupted continuity across the surface. This design concept is emerging as a client favourite by breaking away from the typical kitchen countertop idea.  

    If you are looking for something luxurious for your kitchen, a waterfall-edge countertop is the way to go. Infusing your kitchen with beauty, elegance, and a distinctive flair, this design choice serves as an artistic focal point. With the big visual impact that it brings, this addition has the power to transform the aesthetics of the whole space. 

    3. Choose Veined Slab Design

    One of the key elements that differentiate between various kitchen countertop designs is the slab you choose. These slabs are available in many styles and colour combinations, typically including coloured, speckled, and veined designs. 

    Pure-coloured slabs are highly versatile, which means they usually go with every type of kitchen decor. However, these plain colours are simple and arguably a little boring. On the other hand, speckled countertops can be difficult to integrate, as their design often evokes a messy, overwhelming feel. 

    Striking a balance between the two, veined countertops allows you to add another layer to your kitchen design. Neither plain nor bold, this choice is great for adding a subtle uniqueness and mix of colour to your kitchen. 

    4. Pair It with the Backsplash for Cohesion

    kitchen countertop, a grey and white countertop and backsplash

    If you are planning to install a new kitchen countertop, you must consider a design that compliments the other features in your kitchen. You want your new countertop to integrate well and uplift your space, without looking out of place.

    One simple way to do this is by matching the countertop with your backsplash. You can either select the same colours or choose similar textures for a quirky feel. 

    5. Make an Eco-Friendly Choice

    With sustainability becoming ever more important, more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate eco-friendly choices into their lives. Selecting an eco-friendly material for your kitchen countertop is not only good for the environment but also greatly benefits our health.

    However, if you choose an alternative material, make sure to do your research. Countertops lacking proper certifications may potentially harbour or release harmful chemicals, posing a gradual threat to your health. 

    Some eco-friendly options we recommend are quartz kitchen counters and countertops designed from recyclable materials like glass. 

    Get in contact with us today and we can walk you through the options!

    Welcome the New Year with A New Kitchen Countertop from Saturn Interiors!

    The new year is all about new beginnings. To upgrade your kitchen space, a new countertop is all it takes!

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