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    Depending on the size and shape of your kitchen, you can select an island design that best suits your taste and requirements. Some prefer to turn their kitchen island into their dining area, while some like to keep it simple with only cabinets adorning the island.

    Irrespective of the purpose that your kitchen island serves, there are many ways in which its beauty can be amplified. You can create a contrast between the kitchen island, flooring and cabinets, which highlights this focal point of your kitchen space. Or you can make use of the intricately designed mouldings that can grab eyes at once with their excellent craftsmanship.

    Stones can be put to several brilliant uses in home décor, but hardly any of them can be as impressive as the one they serve in a kitchen. Besides their ability to withstand spillages, they are also good at drawing attention. With the right colour and texture, stones such as marble and granite can make your island truly stand out in the kitchen space.

    Luxury kitchens usually have high ceilings and popular kitchen décor trends suggest that cabinets should extend to the ceiling. However, there can be variations such as placing plants on top of cabinets that are fixed to the wall, in which case they should be a few metres shy of touching the ceiling. It may not be a common sight, but it’s something a little different that is rather pleasing on the eye.

    The cabinetry of your kitchen should blend in well with other aspects of the room. You can either choose classic look flat wood panels that conceal kitchen appliances from view, or you can opt for something a little more imaginative and exploit the decorative nature of glass.

    The fixtures on cabinets should be of the right size and in proportion with the remaining furniture. Despite being externally fixed at a later time, they should look as if they have always been there, flowing seamlessly with the wood and design.

    At Saturn Interiors, we make use of timber wood, responsibly sourced and beautifully crafted, so as to reflect our true British heritage.

    Flooring is one such element that gives an elegant touch to the Kitchen. Popular choices for flooring include hardwood and tiles, but it is always worthwhile consulting with kitchen design experts before finalising your decision.

    Lighting, both natural and artificial, are crucial to designing a luxury kitchen. The amount of natural light you decide to let into your kitchen space dictates how well colours reveal themselves. The frame of your windows should complement the furniture and should ideally be of the same colour and design.

    Artificial lighting fixtures should be appropriately placed so as to illuminate the best corners of your kitchen space. For instance, a kitchen island looks perfectly complete when paired with a luxurious chandelier suspended from the ceiling above.

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    Saturn Interiors offer the widest range of kitchen styles from sleek slab high gloss doors through to painted shaker. Your kitchen can be truly bespoke if you want to match to your favourite Farrow & Ball paint colour. View our full range of kitchens and book a FREE design appointment to start planning your dream room.


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