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    Crafting Your Walk-In Kitchen Pantry: A Guide

    What’s the secret to having a spotless kitchen? 

    As more and more homeowners are embracing an open-kitchen design, it can lead to a more cluttered appearance. In such situations, a concealed pantry can help declutter your kitchen.

    Walk-in pantries are highly versatile, offering you a convenient spot to store non-perishable items, small kitchen appliances and other essentials that might not easily fit in regular kitchen cabinets. 

    This extra space not only declutters your kitchen but often extends its impact to other parts of your home. By keeping various items organised and accessible in the pantry, you can create a more organised living environment. 

    Regardless of size or the number of items, it is essential to plan your kitchen pantry design to suit your needs. Whether you are building a new one or rearranging an existing space, considering your requirements is important. This way, you can make smart design choices and fully utilise the additional storage to create a perfect walk-in pantry. 

    Today, we’re here to offer some tried and tested walk-in pantry tips to help you make the most out of your storage space.

    Let’s get started!

    1. Measure and Assess Your Space 

    Kitchen Pantry Design, a carpenter measuring a wall

    Before you start planning your kitchen pantry design, the first step is to figure out how you plan on using this space. Take into consideration factors like the type of items you will store, the total amount of space you’ll have, and more. This will guide your design choices, helping you to make the most of the available space. 

    One clever idea is to make a list of the food items and kitchen supplies that you intend to store. This way you can ensure that your pantry design can accommodate your needs. Furthermore, with accurate measurements it becomes easier to choose the right shelves and cabinets to incorporate into the design.

    2. Select the Layout for Maximum Storage 

    pantry ideas, a blueprint

    The way you arrange your shelves and cabinets can make or break your kitchen pantry design. There are plenty of pantry layout options from linear and galley layouts to U-shaped and L-shaped layouts. When considering your options, remember that the goal is to make the most of your available space while ensuring that your pantry remains organised and easy to navigate.

    Place shelves at different heights to accommodate various sizes of items. For instance, taller shelves can hold cereal boxes, while shorter ones will be perfect for canned goods. You can also consider installing adjustable shelves, enabling you to change them as your needs evolve.

    If you’re struggling to choose an effective layout for your kitchen pantry, the experts kitchen fitters at Saturn Interiors can help. Get in touch today

    3. Create Zones for Increased Functionality 

    pantry layout, a shelf full of preserved food items

    Want to avoid a mess in your kitchen pantry? Consider sectioning items  according to frequency of use. This will help you figure out the designated place of a certain grocery item. It will also be easier to track what food supplies you have available and what needs to be restocked. In addition to that by creating sections in your pantry you will notice a significant reduction in your meal preparation time. 

    Start by identifying food items according to your cooking style, for example – easy weeknight dinners, quick snacks, salads or baking essentials. Secondly, designate a zone for each, with the most used items within easy reach. Lastly, you can label each zone to keep track of the arrangement. This little step will go a long way in making your meal prep process easier. 

    4. Illuminate Your Pantry with Proper Lighting

    walk in pantry, a hand arranging strip lights

    A well-lit kitchen pantry is essential for functionality, ensuring that you find what you need easily, especially when there’s a time crunch. Consider installing battery-powered LED lights, if you don’t have lighting fixtures in your pantry. These portable lights are functional, flexible and inexpensive, making them a very popular choice. 

    Besides ambient lighting options, you can also add strip or motion-sensored lights inside or beneath your pantry cabinets. These lights automatically turn on when they detect  motion like when the cabinet door is opened. The light automatically turns off on its own after a set time, making it an excellent choice for a walk in the pantry. 

    5. Introduce a Sleek Partition Door

    pantry cabinets, hands opening two doors

    Adding a sleek partition door, like a sliding door, to your kitchen pantry design will complete its aesthetic appeal, improve accessibility and differentiate the space from your kitchen without taking up much space. Unlike traditional swinging doors, sliding doors glide smoothly along a track, allowing you to maximise the available area within and outside the pantry.

    Moreover, closing off your pantry properly is very important to prevent the accumulation of moisture that can potentially spoil your food items. A well-sealed door will help maintain a controlled environment inside the pantry, protecting your food from moisture and other factors that can spoil it. This choice will not only save your precious space but also keep your pantry items fresh. 

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    Contact Saturn Interiors For Your Walk-in Kitchen Pantry Design

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