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    The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Galley Kitchen

    galley kitchen design, a beautiful white galley kitchen

    Are you looking for some unique ideas to give your compact kitchen a glow up? You’ve come to the right place!

    Your kitchen may be small but renovating it is a big decision. When it comes to small kitchens, you don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality or vice versa. Another term for long and narrow kitchens is a galley kitchen. While these designs are arguably less common, they can still be maximised for comfort and style. Let’s explore this more. 

    You may be thinking that galley kitchens are very narrow and thus, not functional. But that’s not true! They may seem like they are lacking space, but there are ways to optimise this to improve your cooking experience. 

    Contrary to common belief, everything is right where you need it to be. From appliances to storage space, you are able to organise your small kitchen to allow minimal movement, where everything is within arm’s reach, saving you precious time and effort. With a galley kitchen, you no longer need to put in extra effort to reach essential items.

    In this guide, we will explore 4 tips to maximise the space in your stunning galley kitchen design. 

    Let’s begin!

    1. Plan the Layout Carefully

    galley kitchen, a white kitchen with a working space between two walls

    If you have a small kitchen space, then a galley kitchen design is the perfect choice for you. Defined specifically by its floor plan, this kitchen design features a long and narrow room with cabinets on one or both of opposite walls. This creates a narrow working space in the centre which can feel smaller than it actually is. 

    When designing the layout, make sure that the distance between the two countertops is enough for you to work comfortably. Besides that, try positioning your essential items like the stove, refrigerator and sink close to each other to optimise space and efficiency. You can also arrange them in a line, one besides the other, or arrange them in such a way that they form a triangle.

    If you are struggling to choose an effective layout for your kitchen, we can help! Contact us now! 

    2. Choose the Right Lighting 

    galley kitchen design ideas, Led lighting fixed beneath a wall cabinet

    Good lighting is an important part of any kitchen design, and even more essential for a galley kitchen design. Often, due to its compact nature, galley kitchen designs do not have windows, which eliminates the opportunity of using natural lighting. This means that you will need to choose and position the lighting in your kitchen in a way that makes your kitchen appear well lit and bright. Not only that, properly placed lighting will also make your small space feel and appear bigger. 

    Instead of using only a single type of lighting, you can experiment with different options, like task, layered and ambient lighting. This combination will not only provide illumination but also add a stylish charm and character to your kitchen. Besides that, you can also highlight certain spots like your prep space by installing task lights under your cabinets and shelves. Lastly, if you do have windows, avoid obstructing them and place your cabinets and shelves at a lower height, so that you can enjoy and make the most of the natural light. 

    3. Choose Suitable Storage Options

    galley kitchen ideas, kitchen wall filled with white upper and lower cabinets

    Narrow kitchens easily look overcrowded and cluttered. Thus, it’s important to choose your kitchen accessories whilst keeping in mind the limited space you have. You can either go for a symmetrical design with low cabinets on both sides or install tall cabinets along an entire wall. The goal is to create a kitchen design that gives you extra storage space without occupying the entire kitchen. Maximising wall space gives you more floor space to work with.

    Another brilliant idea is to install pull out cabinets. These cabinet designs can be built into compact corners and are also very easy to clean. You can neatly stack your kitchen essentials like spices, utensils and small appliances into these cabinets and with this smart storage idea you can grab whatever you need quickly and easily. 

    If you want a customised storage solution for your kitchen, contact us today!

    4. Play with Colour Schemes

    small galley kitchen, two people discussing about colours

    The colour scheme that you select for your kitchen will set the tone of its atmosphere. If you want to make your kitchen appear brighter, go for bold colours, however, to make it appear more spacious, choose lighter shades like white or beige. Moreover, you can also consider creating a unique colour scheme by adding a mix of bold and soft colours. For instance if your walls consist of muted colours like grey or brown, pair them with brightly coloured cabinets. 

    Furthermore, to add a fun element to your kitchen, consider covering your backsplash and kitchen walls with wallpaper. Whatever taste or style you have, choosing a wallpaper can be a fun task. Furthermore, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you may like the idea of applying it yourself.

    Contact Saturn Interiors Today to Design an Impressive Galley Kitchen!

    With the above tips, you are now fully informed and aware of the perfect galley kitchen design. So – let’s turn it into a reality! 

    If you live in Northampton, we highly recommend consulting the experts at Saturn Interiors. With years of experience installing galley kitchens in new homes and giving glow ups to existing ones, we’ll ensure that your kitchen is tailored to your needs, allowing you to move and work effectively. 

    What’s more? We also design a range of trendy kitchens, including Strada gloss kitchens, true handleless kitchens, Strada matt kitchens and more! Design and install your dream kitchen today! 

    Learn more about us by visiting our kitchens page or contacting us today!

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