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    Effortless Design—4 Benefits of Having a True Handleless Kitchen

    benefits of a handleless kitchen; mom serving coffee to her child

    Kitchen design trends have gone through several changes over the years, with convenience and stunning looks taking priority. Due to this, handleless kitchen designs have risen in popularity over the years.

    Handleless kitchens offer homeowners the opportunity to bring a smooth and sleek look to their homes. These designs avoid the use of handles, bringing a modern look to your kitchen. 

    If you’re looking to learn if handleless kitchens are the right choice for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff at Saturn Interiors can provide you with exquisite handleless options for your kitchen. 

    We’ve worked with several homeowners and understand the advantages of having a handleless kitchen. To help you out, we’ve created a list of benefits of handleless kitchens, which will help you to decide whether it’s the perfect choice for your home.

    Let’s get started! 

    1. Brings More Safety

    A kitchen can be dangerous as it has gas, hot stoves, appliances and knives scattered around the room. You probably want to make it as safe as possible, especially if you have children at home. 

    Fortunately, handleless kitchens provide more safety compared to those with handles. These modern design kitchens allow adults to roam around the kitchen while handling hot food. You don’t need to worry about handles that you could collide into or that could catch on your clothing. 

    These handleless doors also provide more safety to children. Handles can tempt them to open unnecessary doors and having handleless units helps to avoid this situation. 

    Therefore, if you’re looking to bring more safety and stylish looks to your kitchen, we recommend calling the experts at Saturn Interiors. We can provide you with design ideas and features to build an exquisite handleless kitchen in your home. 

    2. Provides Extra Space

    spacious handleless kitchens; matte-black handleless kitchen

    Now, having extra space can be game-changing in terms of kitchen design and convenience. If you’re looking to make your kitchen more spacious, making it handleless might be what you need for your home. 

    Handleless kitchen cupboards don’t have any overhang, providing extra room for your home. This is highly advantageous, especially if you’re looking to plan an open design for your kitchen. 

    One of the biggest benefits of handleless kitchens is that it provides a light and comfortable feel to your home. Additionally, no handles avoid the disruption of fluidness in a design. 

    These wonderful handleless kitchen designs also create the illusion of having more space. Therefore, if you’re looking to make your kitchen more spacious or give it a sleek look, you can consult us for handleless kitchen designs.

    3. Provides Good Flow

    A handleless kitchen provides a good flow and can bring a tremendous glow-up to your home. The design can create a smooth transition between the kitchen and the neighbouring room. 

    We highly recommend this design if you want a knock-through kitchen in your home. On the other hand, if you choose to have handles in your kitchen, they may cause issues with the composition of these rooms. 

    Handles tend to bring a more claustrophobic feel to a kitchen, making it less ideal if you’re looking to build good flow. Therefore, if you plan to live in an open space, we recommend considering handleless kitchens for your home. 

    The experts at Saturn Interiors can provide a wide range of exquisite designs to ensure good flow between your kitchen and other rooms. Our experts can help you get closer to your dream home with intricate design ideas and construction. 

    4. Suits Any Kitchen Size

    handleless kitchen design; handleless kitchen

    Fortunately, handleless kitchens look good in any kitchen, regardless of its size. They also make a kitchen look bigger and more appealing to the eye. Handleless kitchens also have a timeless feel and won’t date quickly. 

    The minimal design and high functionality make a handleless kitchen a popular choice for kitchen designs. However, if you’re looking for handleless kitchen designs, choose experienced professionals to help you, like the experts at Saturn Interiors

    Contact Saturn Interiors for Handless Kitchen Designs Today

    Now that you’re aware of the benefits of handleless kitchens, you may desire one for yourself. You need to hire someone who can provide captivating design options to give your kitchen and home the glow-up it deserves. 

    The experts at Saturn Interiors have years of experience providing the best handleless kitchens to homes in the UK. You can consult us and we can provide you with several options to help you get closer to your dream kitchen. 

    If you’re thinking about bringing a glamorous look to your kitchen, you should contact us for queries. We can help you set up an amazing kitchen that suits all your requirements.

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