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    Redefining Elegance: 5 Tips to Design Your Belgravia Kitchen

    elegant kitchen design tips, beautiful kitchen with black cabinets and island

    Kitchen design trends have changed a lot during the last few years and it can be hard to keep up! Many kitchen designs go out of fashion fast and are replaced with something fresh and exciting. 

    However, one trend that has stood the test of time is the harmonious blend of exquisite aesthetics and functionality in the kitchen. As a result, the Belgravia kitchen design has been steadily gaining popularity among both professional kitchen designers and homeowners.

    The Belgravia kitchen, known for its classic charm, creates a space where luxury and functionality merge perfectly. In this design, every detail is thoughtfully curated to create a timeless masterpiece that serves the needs of modern life.

    If you are looking to design a Belgravia kitchen for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert team at Saturn Interiors can help you in bringing this vision to life, creating a kitchen that harmonises with the style of your home whilst providing a comfortable workspace!

    We’ve worked with several homeowners and understand the challenges that come with designing a stylish kitchen. To help you out, we’ve created a list of elegant kitchen design tips that will transform your kitchen into a Belgravia style wonder!

    Let’s get started! 

    1. Choose a Sophisticated Colour Palette
    elegant kitchen design tips, a hand checking colours

    Designing a luxurious Belgravia kitchen begins with a carefully curated colour palette. Colours such as creamy whites and understated pastels have the power to give your kitchen a lavish feel. These colours lay the groundwork for a luxurious atmosphere, allowing you to channel your inner creativity and style.

    A Belgravia kitchen design is a timeless masterpiece that combines both modern and vintage elements. For example, you may want to pair the light walls with rustic oak cabinets and vintage accessories, like cabinet handles, or perhaps you want to combine different coloured elements to contrast each other and create the illusion of depth to your space. 

    2. Incorporate Details in Cabinetry and Hardware

    elegant kitchen design tips, beautiful white cabinets

    When it comes to a Belgravian style kitchen, its cabinets and hardware are typically defined by intricate detailing and unique textures. The secret of its luxurious feel lies in the small and exquisite details that vary from kitchen to kitchen. To embrace the essence of elegant kitchen design tips, choose cabinets made of high-quality wood such as walnut, oak and maple that have raised panels, fancy carvings and elegant mouldings. 

    These delicate touches not only look stunning but also show the skilful workmanship that is associated with high quality. Moreover, when picking handles and pulls for your cabinets, go for brass, which is a classic choice that feels warm and elegant. Lastly, look for handles with patterns and textures that match the grand style of Belgravia.

    3. Select a Worktop to Balance Opulence with Practicality 

    luxury kitchen design tips, a beautiful marble worktop

    When it comes to designing a perfect Belgravia kitchen, your choice of worktop can make all the difference, blending the luxurious elements together. Some options include granite and quartz, which are both fancy and hard-wearing. Granite has a natural  veining pattern, which adds a feeling of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen. 

    Alternatively, quartz not only looks stylishbut is also stain resistant and simple to maintain– a great choice for busy kitchens. Alternatively, there is laminate, which comes in lots of styles and imitates the appearance of wood. If you’d rather not fake it, and instead showcase the warm, natural feel of wood, perhaps a wooden island would be best suited, effortlessly bringing the Belgravia style and a touch of nature into your kitchen.

    If you’re looking to implement these countertops, consult the experts at Saturn Interiors. 

    4. Add Modern Appliances Without Sacrificing the Vintage Feel

    luxury kitchen design tips, a kitchen full of appliances

    Adding a vintage charm to your kitchen does not mean you have to sacrifice your convenience in any way. What makes a Belgravia design special is that you can easily mix traditional, cosy elements of a kitchen with the modern conveniences of today. One way to do this is by thoughtfully choosing modern kitchen appliances. These high-end appliances bring a lot to the table in terms of functionality and design, reflecting the principle of luxury kitchen design tips.

    Choose appliances with a modern and sleek look, that can be easily installed and blend well with the style of your kitchen. To preserve the vintage aesthetic, consider dedicating specific spots to these appliances, that either hide them or minimise the contrast. A viable option would be to hide appliances like fridges and dishwashers in beautifully crafted cabinets. This results in a neat arrangement without interrupting the lavish look and feel.

    5. Enhance the Vibe with Curated Furniture Pieces 

    luxury kitchen design tips, a kitchen full of appliances

    Belgravia kitchens are all about blending beauty with functionality, often by incorporating a dining spot in the open kitchen space. Enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen by adding bespoke, handmade furniture for a cosy breakfast corner or cool and quirky bar stools for a stylish island. Choose your furniture thoughtfully and make sure they align the overall feel of your kitchen design.  Promote the lavish yet comfortable aura of your kitchen and use elegant kitchen design tips to create a space that is personalised to your needs and likes.

    Set up a dining area with a beautifully carved console table or a curved wooden bench that makes family and friends feel welcome, whilst enhancing that luxury feel. Pair the ornate table with upholstered chairs made of plush fabrics like velvet or silk. Soft cushions, fancy fabric and stylish designs all add to the look that makes the Belgravia style unique.

    Contact Saturn Interiors to Design an Extravagant Belgravia Kitchen!

    A Belgravia kitchen is a captivating kitchen design that can be personalised to your liking. From the ethereal charm of colours to the luxurious feel of premium materials, these kitchens are more than spaces; they represent your aspirations, where aesthetics and functionality blend effortlessly.

    The experts at Saturn Interiors have years of experience in designing the best Belgravia kitchens for homes in the UK. If you’re set on the Belgravia design, then check out our wide range of colour combinations. For more kitchen inspiration and tips, get in touch and we can provide you with several options to help you achieve your dream kitchen. 

    Some of our kitchen collections include Strada gloss kitchens, true handleless kitchens, Strada matt kitchens and more! These collections also come with a wide range of colours, meaning you’ll have the freedom to add aunique twist to them! 

    To learn more about us, check out our kitchens page or contact us today!

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