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6 Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas That Suit Every Home

Vintage kitchen designs are a timeless trend that is popular amongst homeowners and designers; a white bricked wall with wooden white cabinets and minimalistic decor

From movies and sitcoms to our own grandmothers’ kitchen – vintage kitchen designs have always been a timeless trend.  Drawing inspiration from different eras, many homeowners upgrade their current kitchen design or create a new one with vintage kitchen elements, features, and accessories for a classy yet original look. That said, with the various designs […]

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Our Top Tips to Create a Mediterranean Style Kitchen

mediterranean style kitchen, an all-white kitchen with marble island at the centre of it

A Mediterranean style kitchen is a popular design amongst homeowners. It beautifully integrates natural wood, wrought iron details and colourful tiles – all highly sought-after features in kitchen redesign! Conventionally, these design elements are paired with dark, ornate furniture and warm terra-cotta colours. However, of late, many kitchen designers are using these Mediterranean details with […]

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